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    Jack Nut Products & Supplies

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    Find Jack Nut products from Taiwan and China (Mainland) manufacturers & suppliers are provided. Please view them and select the most helpful info for you.

    Found 8products from 6suppliers for " Jack Nut " .
    • Nut For Cage(Jack Nut) 
      Nut For Cage(Jack Nut)
      SAN SHING FASTECH CORP. - Manufacturer of Jack Nut
      SAN SHING FASTECH CORP.was established in 1965 and is now the largest professional manufacturer of steel nuts worldwide. So far, our mainly products include Jack Nut...
      Wheel Nut,Shoulder Bolt,Hex Bolt,Weld Nut,Special Nut,Flange Screw,Special Screw,Special Washer,Flat Washer,Carbon Steel Wire,Hex Flange Bolt,Special Bolt,Welding Bolt,Punch And Die,Hexagon Punch,Irregular Punch,Specialized Punch,Nut Former,Tapping Machine,Screw Sorting Machine,Multiple Function Gauge,Hex Head Screw,Hex Socket Shoulder Screw,Conical Washer Nut,Lock Nut,Flange Nut,Rivet Nut
      .During recent years, San Shing has transformed its products to higher levels of technology, with high valued-added products, producing vehicle fasteners for major vehicle manufacturers around the world.
      1 match products from SAN SHING FASTECH CORP. for Jack Nut

    • Jack Nut 
      Jack Nut
      Kenlon Industrial Co.,Ltd. - Manufacturer of Jack Nut
      Kenlon Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of fasteners in Taiwan. We have more than 30 years experience in producing Jack Nut...
      Blind Rivet Nut,Rivet Nut,Blind Rivet,Male-Female Rivet,CNC Turned Parts,Special Nut,T-Nut
      . In addition, we also provide Cold Forging Parts, CNC Lathe Parts and Custom-Made Parts with superior quality and competitive price. Our Chairman Sam-Chain, CHOU had been taken the design award in 1998 and invention award of IENA 2010 in Nurmberg, and some others awards in many countries.
      1 match products from Kenlon Industrial Co.,Ltd. for Jack Nut
      Kenlon Industrial Co.,Ltd.

    • Blind Jack Nut 
      Blind Jack Nut
      TOP SCREW METAL CORP. - Manufacturer of Jack Nut
      Top Screw has always been a pioneer in the development of fasteners in Taiwan. We supply a variety of fasteners including Jack Nut...
      Stamping Parts,Pipe Clamp,Clamps And Clips,Wedge Anchor,Rivet Nut,Blind Rivet Nut,Blind Rivet,Insert Nut,Male-Female Rivet,Wing Nut,Special Nut,Special Screw,CNC Turned Parts,Special Bolt,Drive Rivet,Manual Tools,Automatic Tools,Welding Bolt,Special Pin
      . Top Screw has designed several ingenious products for the purpose of streamlining production and fast in delivery, they were also rewarded for more than 10 patents in Taiwan, and two of the inventions were also rewarded in Europe and USA, which are: 1982 Top Screw represented Taiwan competing in IENA81(Internationale Ausstellung "Ideen-erfindungen-neuheiten" Nurnberg 1981) Expo. in Germany with Capped self piercing rivet, and was rewarded with a Silver Medal. 1994 Top Screw has received patent from USA (Patent No. 5,294,226), Germany (Utility Model G9304679.0), Taiwan (Patent No. 93368), and Japan (application pending).
      3 match products from TOP SCREW METAL CORP. for Jack Nut

    • Cage Nut 
      Cage Nut
      Hua-Wei Hardware Co., Ltd. - Trading 彩95官方平台下载 of Jack Nut
      HUA-WEI hardware is a trading company specialized in Jack Nut...
      T-Nut,Internal Circlip,External Circlip,E-Ring,Wave Washer,Conical Washer,Internal Tooth Lock Washer,External Tooth Lock Washer,Special Washer,Hitch Pin,Spring Pin,Special Nut,Hex Cap Nut,Hex Nut
      .This company product to 2,002 in March 9001-2000 guarantees the qualified authentication through ISO, the implementation strict quality control provides the high quality the product ,The kind consummation service will forecast in the future makes every effort the product innovation ,Unceasingly researches and develops the new technology, And take the customer demand as the guidance ,But promotes the company whole competitive ability.
      1 match products from Hua-Wei Hardware Co., Ltd. for Jack Nut
      Hua-Wei Hardware Co., Ltd.

    • Jack Nut 
      Jack Nut
      JOKER INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. - OEM Manufacturer Exporter/Agent of Jack Nut
      JOKER INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.is a professional company for anchors producing and OEM hardware manufacturing. Our main products include Jack Nut...
      Easy Anchor,Nylon Anchor,Cap Nail,Safety Nail,Key Anchor,Spring Pin,Spendarl Anchor,Hammer Drive Anchor,Sleeve Anchor,Metal Frame Anchor,Wedge Anchor,BI-Metal Screw,Hollow Wall Anchor,Stud Bolt
      .All of them are high quality.
      1 match products from JOKER INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. for Jack Nut

    • Jack Nut 
      Jack Nut
      FILROX INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. - Manufacturer of Jack Nut
      FILROX INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD has manufactured those basic parts for 20 years in Taiwan. Our product range included Jack Nut...
      Semi-Tubular Rivet,Blind Rivet,Blind Rivet Nut,One Way Screw,Rivet Nut,Stud Bolt,Special Nut,CNC Turned Parts,Hollow Wall Anchor
      .what′s more, our product went on to receive a Silver Medal at IENA 81 (Internationale ausstellung "Ideen-erfindungen-neuheiten" nurnberg 1981) Expo in Germany when it represented Taiwan for the competition. 1994: Our R&D developed a Beryl Bolt Binder File which received patent from USA (patent No. 5,294,226), Germany (Utility Model G93 04 679.0), Taiwan (Patent No.93368), and Japan.
      1 match products from FILROX INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. for Jack Nut

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